ProAdvice is a free service to help people and companies find quality professionals by specialization, geographic area serviced and reputation. Through client reviews, active members submitting authoritative articles, and complete profiles, we’re able to help people make better hiring decisions when choosing the professional they work with.

George Gill, Founder of ProAdvice learned through his marketing services businesses that hiring professionals was challenging. The information available was limited to the amount of time one could invest in research which never seemed to be enough.

On the other hand, good professionals are often busy providing the services and do not focus on effective marketing which leads to growing pains. This became even more impactful when his daughter entered the legal profession and was challenged like her peers to grow their practices and find new clients.

ProAdvice was launched to create an online community where clients could research, and easily reach out to professionals that matched their needs while providing professionals the exposure they needed to consistently grow their practices.